Unlike Minds is a network of smart, entrepreneurial, independent lawyers.  If you're interested in joining us, or just curious, please add your email to our distribution list, and you'll be the first to receive updates on our plans.

great minds
think differently


Unlike Minds was born out of the collective imagination of a group of independent lawyers based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

Each of us have built successful legal and advisory practices based on the focus, creativity and efficiency that comes with independence.  Over time, we also came to realise that being part of a strong, dynamic network, that connects and supports un-like minded practitioners such as ourselves, would enable an even better service to our clients, and truly maximise the benefits that comes with independence.



Unlike Minds Founding Members    

Jonathan Barlow | Kinetic Venture Advisory
Naomi Pearce & Megan Fraser | Pearce IP
Martin Richardson & Leonie Green | Corvus Group
Laura Racky | LL Gold
Marianne Marchesi | Legalite



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