Unlike Update #3: Case Study - Introducing a subject matter expert to a new client

Corvus Group's new client is a successful family business based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs expanding from product distribution to product innovation. On meeting the client, Corvus recognised the client is developing new technologies without adequate advice or assistance in the areas of patents and trademarks, and lacked an overall intellectual property strategy for taking new products and technology to market locally and overseas. The client was keen to understand how it could protect its technology but did not know where to go to find a specialist. The client had a poor history with law firms and was very reluctant to go to a CBD law firm due to time and cost restraints.

Corvus introduced Pearce IP to the client through Unlike Minds as Pearce IP is a specialist Lawyer, Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney. The client was made aware of the Unlike Minds model and was attracted to the fact that a specialist lawyer could be introduced without having to lose the support and guidance of Corvus. Pearce IP is now providing advice and assistance with intellectual property matters and Corvus is kept informed of tasks and progress, and is helping to ensure the client’s overall risk and legal strategy is achieved. 

Corvus has managed to develop a strong relationship with the client and is regularly doing commercial legal work while Pearce IP is able to access a new client and rely on Corvus to help manage the client and process. It is more than likely that without access to Pearce IP, the client would have been referred to a law firm (and potentially lost to Corvus). More importantly however, the client is receiving great personal and pragmatic service from a coordinated business experienced legal team at a really cost effective price.